Fish and Wildlife

Hamer Environmental has an experienced team of wildlife and fisheries biologists to perform a variety of wildlife and fisheries surveys, research and conservation planning. Our experience includes designing empirical studies, habitat modeling, impact assessments and broad-scope habitat conservation plans. Our team members have led behavioral and population monitoring studies and inventories for a diversity of species, including seabirds, raptors, neotropical migrants, mollusks, amphibians, salmonids, and terrestrial and marine mammals. We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake studies and inventories of most wildlife and fish species including amphibian/reptile and invertebrate surveys.

Our Services Include:

Sample of Recently Completed Projects:

Marbled Murrelet surveys and habitat use in western Washington and Oregon, Oregon Department of Forestry, WDNR, Rayonier, Bloedel, Hancock Forest Management, Weyerhaeuser, Green Diamond, Hampton, Fruit Growers Association and others.

Avian scavenger trapping, banding, and tissue sampling with multiple project partners to assess the health and contaminant levels of Bald Eagles, Common Ravens, and Turkey Vultures that feed on beached marine mammal carcasses along the Washington and Oregon coasts, Coastal Raptors, Oregon Zoo, Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Marine mammal and seabird monitoring for mitigation and monitoring of potential impacts from construction at the Manette Bridge in Bremerton, Washington, Washington Department of Transportation and David Evans and Associates.

Habitat field inventory, suitability and prediction models for the Humboldt Pine Martin, Pacific Fisher, Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet, and potential reintroduction of California Condor along the Klamath River in Northern California, Western Rivers Conservancy and Yurok Tribe.

Surveys and habitat assessments for rare plants, pygmy rabbits, raptor nests, golden eagles, burrowing owls, and sage grouse for the Pacific Direct Current Intertie, Transmission Line Upgrade Project in Eastern Oregon. HDR & Bonneville Power Administration.

Rigdon Northern Spotted Owl strategic surveys, Willamette National Forest, Oregon.