Wetland and Riparian Critical Areas

Hamer Environmental's wetland scientists are experts at delineating, assessing and mapping wetlands, streams, critical areas and waters of the United States (WOTUS). When impacts to wetlands or other critical areas can't be avoided, our wetland and fisheries scientists and landscape designers create restoration and mitigation plans that enhance ecological functions, meet regulatory requirements, and perform mitigation monitoring to ensure project success.

Our Habitat Assessment and Mitigation Services Include:

Regulatory Compliance and Permit Consultation:

Helpful Links:

State of Washington Permitting Assistance for Regulatory Issues

What Are Critical Areas (Island County)

Critical Areas - Frequently Asked Questions (Skagit County)

Critical Areas Buffers (Whatcom County)

Sample of Current and Recently Completed Projects:

Wetland and stream delineation using the US ACOE Arid West regional supplement, habitat assessment for Endangered Species (ESA); associated wetland, stream and ESA species assessment report, Harrisville, Utah, Environmental Associates Specialists, Inc.

Critical Areas (wetland, stream, and buffer delineation) site review, stream study, and mitigation plan, Mt Vernon, Washington, Draper Valley Farms.

Multiple wetland and stream delineations and associated critical area assessment reports for private single-family residences in Island, Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties, Washington.

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas (FWHCA) review and report for private residence, Edison, Washington.

Category III Wetland delineation, rating, SEPA analysis, and mitigation planning project, Hoquiam, Washington, Enterprises International.

Watershed, riparian and botanical monitoring of streams using the Multi-Indicator Monitoring (MIM) and Aquatic Assessment Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) protocols, central Oregon, Prineville District, Bureau of Land Management.

Riparian, stream and wetland restoration planning, habitat assessment, and wetland mapping for a land purchase on the lower John Day River of Oregon, Western Rivers Conservancy.