Renewable Energy

"We loved working with you on the Geronimo project. You did great work and went the extra mile when schedules got crazy. Really grateful for that!"

We help our clients maximize their renewable energy production while minimizing any impacts to the environment. We have conducted site screenings, pre-project environmental surveys, Phase II studies, permitting and authorizations, and pre- and post-construction monitoring for wind farms, solar installations, geothermal plants and hydroelectric power plants. We can also develop detailed construction best management practices (BMPs) along with mitigation and adaptive management plans for your project.

Sample of Recently Completed Projects:

Terrestrial and Aquatic Studies for the Relicensing of the Lower and Upper Baker River Dams, Washington. Puget Sound Energy.

Wildlife and Rare Plant Inventories and ESA Compliance for the Garland Geothermal and Recreational Trail Projects, Washington. Snohomish County PUD.

Assessment of Effects of a Wind Energy Development on Bat Communities, Wetlands, Landbird Communities and Nesting Raptors and Assessment of Collision Risk at the Proposed Paynesville Wind Energy Project, Minnesota, Geronimo Wind Energy and HDR, Inc.

Avian Point Counts, Acoustic Bat Surveys, Raptor Migration, Raptor Nest, Wetland Delineation, Rare Plant and Habitat Mapping Studies at the Proposed Lakeview Wind Energy Project, Oregon. Greenwing Energy and Ecology and Environment.

Wildlife Inventories for the Calligan and Hancock Creek Hydroelectric Projects, Washington. Snohomish PUD.

Avian Surveys and Assessments of Risk of Collision for Nocturnal Migrating Birds at the Proposed Wildflower Green Energy Farm, California. Element Power.

Use of Ornithological Radar to Assess Impacts to the Newell’s Shearwater, Hawaiian Petrel, Hawaiian Goose and Hawaiian Hoary Bat at Several Proposed Wind Energy Projects on the Islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii. Shell WindEnergy.