Hamer Environmental comprises research and environmental professionals including associations with wildlife and fish biologists, hydrology and soil scientists, plant ecologists and database management specialists. An experienced technical staff supports our services. Our associations with professionals in other fields enable us to conduct comprehensive interdisciplinary studies and broad-scope habitat conservation/management plans.

July 2017 - We are pleased to welcome Kristin Murray to our team!

Thomas E. Hamer

Thomas E. Hamer, M.S., Director/Wildlife Biologist

Tom Hamer has twenty seven years of experience in wildlife research and management in the Pacific Northwest. He has conducted threatened and endangered species studies in Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii involving a variety of mammals, birds, invertebrates and rare plants. Mr. Hamer has been managing and involved in large research/survey projects for threatened and endangered species since 1977 when he conducted large-scale raptor surveys and raptor ecology studies in southern Idaho and in 1980 when he began the first extensive surveys for the Northern Spotted Owl in the North Cascades. Mr. Hamer is currently a member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team, was a member of the Marbled Murrelet Working Group for the Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team and helped assess the viability of all options considered by the President's Plan. Since 1992 Tom has provided environmental consulting services to energy companies, private industries and has worked with state and federal agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest on a variety of environmental issues. He has conducted environmental studies and impact assessments for numerous wind energy projects since 2000, specializing in analyzing potential impacts to resident birds, migrating passerines, waterfowl and bats. Tom obtained his M.S. and B.S. degrees in Biology/Ecology at Western Washington University.

Nathalie Denis

Nathalie Denis, B.S., PMP, Research & Wildlife Biologist

Nathalie Denis is a Research Biologist and a certified Project Management Professional with experience in Wildlife Studies and Natural Resource Management. She has collaborated with a wide variety of organizations, both public and private, and has completed numerous large-scale wildlife studies throughout the US, Canada and France. Most of these projects involved working with threatened, endangered and rare species of birds, mammals, amphibians and invertebrates as well as vascular and non-vascular plants. Nathalie has managed a large array of studies involving assessing impacts from proposed wind and solar energy sites, dam relicensing, fiber optic installations, communication towers, transmission lines and forestry management. She has also designed and implemented survey methods, conducted extensive data analyses and drafted reports. Nathalie has supervised large crews field biologists while ensuring accuracy and quality of surveys, maintaining logistics of project and acting as company liaison to contract officers. She is an experienced traveler and has worked overseas. Nathalie has a Geography degree from the University of Montreal.

Erin Colclazier

Erin Colclazier, B.S., Plant Ecologist

Erin Colclazier is a project manager and plant ecologist with over fourteen years of experience in botanical, watershed and biological research. For the past ten years, she has worked at Hamer Environmental managing numerous large-scale projects and studies for a variety of clients in Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii. She has led a number of large-scale studies involving vegetation cover type mapping, rare plants (vascular and non-vascular species), noxious weeds, mycological surveys for rare fungi, wetland delineations, ratings and mitigation plans, Critical Area Ordinance designations, and habitat mapping for a variety of wildlife species. Erin has experience designing and implementing large scale restoration projects in the Columbia Basin as well as coastal environments. Her regular duties involved planning, coordinating, and managing multiple projects concurrently, as well as writing, designing and managing projects and budgets. Erin graduated with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science from Western Washington University. In addition to her botanical expertise, Erin has conducted research on birds, small mammals and terrestrial mollusks.

Matt Reed

Matt Reed, B.S., Wildlife Biologist

Matt Reed has been working as a wildlife biologist for Hamer Environmental since 2005. He has conducted large-scale studies involving avian habitat delineation, avian point counts and species identification following species specific habitat and survey protocols. Matt is also a trained avian radar technician and has led and conducted radar survey studies for migrating birds and Marbled Murrelets throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has led and trained crews to follow study protocols for Marbled Murrelet habitat delineation, and worked in remote locations with rugged terrain. He received a B.S. in Wildlife Resources from the University of Idaho.

Kelley Turner

Kelley Turner, M.S., Biologist

Kelley Turner has over ten years of experience designing and implementing ecological research and monitoring programs throughout the Western United States with a focus on freshwater, estuarine and restoration ecology. Her diverse background includes biological surveys of vegetation, birds, amphibians, benthic and terrestrial invertebrates, zooplankton, fish and small mammals and physical surveys of water quality, sedimentation, terrestrial and bathymetric elevation mapping and stream habitat and stability assessments. Over the years, Kelley has trained and led dozens of field crews. She has worked with numerous federal, state, tribal, private and non-profit groups. Most recently, she served as a biologist for the U.S. Geological Survey working in partnership with the Nisqually Tribe and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge to conduct interdisciplinary monitoring efforts at the Nisqually estuary, the largest tidal marsh restoration project of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. She completed a M.S. in Freshwater Ecology at Western Washington University, comparing benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages among glacial and snowmelt-fed lake outlets in the North Cascade Mountains.

Kristin Murray

Kristin Murray, M.S., PWS, CESCL, Project Manager & Wetland Scientist

Kristin Murray, certified Professional Wetland Scientist, has joined Hamer Environmental as a project manager and wetland and fisheries biologist. Kristin has over twenty year's environmental consulting experience in both the public and private sectors, including 16 years with WSDOT working with environmental regulations and guidelines. Kristin holds a M.S. degree from Walla Walla University specializing in botany and fisheries. Kristin has been the Senior Biologist for residential and commercial developments, culvert replacements, stream relocations, bridge replacements, and large transportation projects. She is a WSDOT certified BA author and is certified by NOAA/USFWS as an Electrofishing Crew Supervisor. She is also a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL). Kristin pioneered WSDOT standards and protocols for wetland delineation, mitigation, fish handling, stream diversion, and stream monitoring. She works out of the firm's Mt. Vernon, Washington office.

Dan Varland

Dan Varland, Ph.D., Biologist

Dan Varland has more than 20 years of experience in wildlife research and management in the Pacific Northwest. From 1993 to 2009, Dan worked as Wildlife Biologist for Rayonier, a private timber company with nearly 400,000 acres of forest land in the Pacific Northwest and more than 2.5 million in the US. In this capacity, Dan worked with state agencies, foresters and land managers to develop habitat management plans for the Marbled Murrelet, Northern Spotted Owl, and Bald Eagle. Dan gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program and program certification, having served four years as SFI coordinator for Rayonier lands in Washington. While with Rayonier, Dan participated in collaborative research on cavity creation, the Marbled Murrelet, Northern Goshawk, and Hairy Woodpecker. In 2009, Dan left Rayonier and began work for Hamer Environmental and started the non-profit Coastal Raptors where he is Executive Director. For Hamer Environmental, his work has included serving as the wildlife specialist during timber company audits for SFI compliance, shellfish harvest monitoring, and marine mammal monitoring. In 2011, Hamer Environmental and Coastal Raptors began collaborating on research monitoring the health of avian scavengers on the Pacific Coast. He has a Ph.D. in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University and B.S. and M.S. degrees in Zoology from Eastern Illinois University. Dan has co-authored 16 peer-reviewed scientific publications, two book chapters and has co-edited a book.


Delphin Ruché, M.S.


Wildlife Studies. Entrepreneur. Lecturer. Author. International Experience.

Arctic Explorers (Norway)

Jacob P. Verschuyl, Ph.D


Biostatistician, Landscape Ecologist, Diurnal Avian Point Count Surveys, Wildlife Studies, Habitat Assessments, Technical Writing and Scientific Analysis.


Joshua Stumpf, M.S.

Bat Ecologist

Biostatistics, Indiana bats, Terrestrial mammals, Technical writing, GIS.

Lars Holmstrom, Ph.D.

Systems Scientist

Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, and Statistical Analysis.

Choogalab Consulting, Portland, OR

Brady Green, M.S.

Fisheries Biologist

Biological Assessments for Federally Listed Fish Species, Salmon Habitat Restoration Plan, Aquatic and Fish Habitat Surveys.

D.B. Green Environmental Consulting LLC, Bellingham, WA

Peter C. Trenham, Ph.D.

Amphibian Conservation

Expert on Federal Endangered Species Act Consultations and the Federally Endangered California Tiger Salamander, Landscape-Scale Amphibian Population Ecology, Amphibian Survey and Monitoring Techniques, Population Estimation, Management Protocols, and Amphibian Radio Telemetry.

Mark V. Stalmaster, Ph.D.

Raptor Specialist

Development of Avian Protection Plans and Management Plans in Relation to Energy Development, Transmission Lines.

Vicki Friesen, Ph.D.

Molecular Biologist

Molecular Genetics, Population Genetics.

Tamre Cardoso, Ph.D.
Lorraine Read, M.S.


Sampling design and statistical power, Experimental design, Ecological/environmental modeling, Software/database development, Population dynamics.

TerraStat Consulting Group, Seattle WA

Jim Spickler

Wildlife Biologist/Tree-climber

Canopy Research, Radar Technician, Wildlife Research Biologist.

Eco-Ascension Research, Arcata, CA